The CellKey® System is a universal, label-free platform for real-time cell-based functional analysis of endogenous and recombinant receptors.  The system enables the measurement of a wide range of targets in a single-assay, including all families of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), as well as tyrosine kinase receptors (TKRs), adhesion molecules, and indirect measurement of ion channel activation.  In particular, the system is a major breakthrough for accurate monitoring of Gαi- and Gαs-coupled GPCR receptors, as it overcomes many of the challenges and limitations found with the traditionally available assay formats.


Sensitive to endogenous receptors

Enables reliable and robust measurements of endogenous cellular receptor activity, even low density receptors which may be undetectable with other functional assays.

Label free detection

Expensive tags, dyes, or specialized reagents are not required. This reduces the resources required for assay development and eliminates the incidence of undesirable interactions with labels.

Universal platform for functional cell surface target assays

Single platform and assay methodology measures GPCRs, TKRs, adhesion molecules, and indirectly measures ligand-gated ion channels, among other targets.

Measures all cell types

System measures disease and biologically relevant cell lines and primary cells, including adherent and non-adherent cell types.

Measures all classes of compound efficacy

Comprehensive detection of agonists, antagonists, partial and inverse agonists, and allosteric modulators in a native setting in a single assay.

Information-rich kinetic response data

Reproducible and robust qualitative pathway-specific cell response profiles.

Probe complex receptor signaling, pathway diversity, and identify the underlying mechanism of action (MOA) of lead compounds.

Streamlined assay development

Single-assay format for multiple receptor types regardless of signal coupling mechanism. 

Reduces the resources spent on assay development, such as time consuming and costly biological manipulation of cell lines and the optimization of labeling reagents.

Integrated, internal pipettor head

Simultaneous addition of ligand and/or compound while measuring the fast kinetic cellular responses, delivers reproducible and robust response profiles, with no loss of information.   


Designed for easy robotic integration with small and large scale automation platforms.

Ease of use

The CellKey System is a fully integrated, flexible, and intuitive platform.