Accurate Analysis of >99% of Cultured Mammalian Cells

Including all of the NCI-60 cell lines, clumpy cells, and irregular-shaped cells

One-Step Concentration and Viability in <30 Seconds

The Auto T4 automatically generates cell images and calculates concentration, % viability, and mean cell diameter

Library of >300 Cell Types

Utilize optimized profiles for more than 300 cell types. Create a unique profile using 12 adjustable counting parameters

Visual Confirmation of Results

Check cell morphology and view counted images to ensure debris is excluded and only cells of interest are being counted.

Cell Size Analysis

Count specific cell populations based on size. Overlay histograms to analyze changes in cell size over time.

10x Faster than Manual Counting

Counting 1 x 106 cells takes approximately 5 minutes with a manual hemacytometer. Counting live and dead cells sometimes takes twice as long. The Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counter calculates cell count and concentration for live and dead cells and % viability (based on trypan blue staining) in just 30 seconds

Improved Data Accuracy & Consistency with Automated Cell Counting

  • Eliminate Wash Steps
  • Eliminate Judgement Errors
  • Eliminate Recording & Calculation Errors
  • Reduce Counting Time … Run More Experiments

Automated Data Management

Auto-save cell images and data tables to a specified network location. Export images and results for publication or presentation. Easily print reports for a static record of QC results.

Dedicated Applications Support

Nexcelom Applications Specialists focus exclusively on cell viability & cell-based assays. Our trained specialists are available for field-based seminars, demonstrations, and training. Nexcelom Technical Support Specialists can assume remote control of the Auto T4 Cell Counter for additional on-line support.