Cellometer Auto X4 Features:

  • Brightfieldmode for counting cell lines
  • Fluorescence imaging mode ensures accurate results when counting samples with debris
  • Interchangeable optics modules available for use with an array of fluorescence stains

Auto X4 is ideal for:

Live/total cell counts of primary cells such as:

  • PBMCs
  • WBCs in whole blood
  • Bronchoalveolarlung lavage(BAL)
  • Spleenocytes
  • Other digested tissue samples

Counting and determining cell line viability using:

  • Trypan blue
  • Fluorescent stains such as propidiumiodide, DAPI and more


  • Live/total PBMC count
  • WBCs in whole blood, cordblood or bone marrow
  • Spleenocytes
  • Other digested tissue samples
  • Bronchoalveolar lung lavage
  • PI Viability
  • DAPI stained cells
  • Cell line counting

Output data:

  • Live cell count/concentration
  • Dead cell count
  • Viability %
  • Cell size data & histogram
  • Cell images
  • Excel export