Checking Pipette Calibration with the Andrew CaliBro Liquid-Handling Robot

Andrew CaliBro is an innovative range of liquid-handling robotic pipette systems developed around Andrew, which enables any laboratory to verify the calibration of a collection of up to five pipettes with just a click of a button.

Andrew CaliBro’s completely unattended and effective operation enables it to validate the performance of each chosen pipette and its conformance with the specifications. After the validation, it offers an individual validation certificate for each pipette. It is an effective Operational Qualification (OQ) of pipettes and Andrew itself.

Andrew CaliBro can:

  • Offer a reliable calibration result
  • Eliminate the unnecessary pipette calibrations, thereby saving money
  • Detect pipette issues at any instant

Technical Specifications

Plate Types

  • 96-well microplates with round, flat, or UV bottom

Wavelength Range

  • 340–900 nm

Measurement Range

  • 0.0–4.000 OD (Abs)

Optical System

  • Maintenance-free, 8-channel optical system, self-calibrating, no reference channel needed

Light Source

  • LED, wavelength specific (life time = 1000 x Halogen Lamp)


  • Photodiodes

Used Wavelength(S)

  • 1 wavelength—520 nm


  • USB 2.0

PC Software

  • AndrewOS and CaliBro software (incorporated)

Power Requirements

  • 100–240 V, 50 or 60 Hz (autosensing)

Power Consumption

  • Operational: maximum 20 W
  • Standby: maximum 2 W

Measurement System

  • Maintenance-free due to capsulated optical cylinders
  • Wavelength range: 340 – 900 nm
  • Light sources: LED (life time = 1000 x Halogen Lamp)
  • Detectors: Photodiodes
  • 8-channel fiber optics


Instrument only (net):

  • Weight: 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 23 x 11.5 x 36 cm (w x h x d)

Instrument packed including accessories (gross):

  • Weight: 8.3 kg (18.3 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 31 x 36 x 48 cm (w x h x d)


Suggested operational environment:

  • 23 ± 3 °C
  • 50%–90% relative humidity (non-condensing)


  • 20–35 °C
  • 5%–95% (non-condensing)


Other light cylinders available on request.

Overvoltage Category:


Pollution Degree:


Method of Disposal:

Contaminated waste