The 120 - 344 liter sliding front circular chamber autoclave is available in five chamber sizes. Loading access is through a sliding door meaning the unit requires less operational floor space than a hinged door unit.

The door can be specified with manual operation, or automatic when combined with the air compressor option or an external air supply. The circular section sliding door range of autoclaves has a broad selection of options, many of which are unavailable on smaller capacity ranges, meaning its possible to sterilize a variety of loads.

Astell’s additional options include Integral Steam Generators, Heated Jackets, Simple/Advanced Vacuum and a choice of Cooling options to name but a few. Learn more about each of these by viewing the pages below or clicking the View Product Options button:

  • Steam Generation options
  • Heated Jackets
  • Simple and Advanced Vacuum
  • Cooling options

A standard circular-section sliding door sterilizer is fitted with heaters in the base of the chamber and is ideal for sterilizing liquids (media), discard, glassware and other instruments. Advanced options such as the Integral Steam Generator, External Jacket and choice of Vacuum can be added to customize the unit for many other applications such as sterilizing liquids, fabrics and other porous-type loads.

Direct steam models are available at no extra cost.


  • A choice of 120, 153, 247, 290 and 344 liters models
  • Fully programmable 5.7" Color Touch Screen controller
  • Internal memory for storing up to 5,000 cycles
  • Five password levels to stop lower level users making changes
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 software option available
  • USB interface for downloading controller data
  • Timed/Pulsed Free Steaming
  • Holdwarm / Delayed Start feature
  • 316 stainless steel electropolished chamber
  • Automatic or manual sliding door operation
  • Safety valve test and emergency stop button
  • Cooling Lock
  • External pressure gauge
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Safety valve test and emergency stop button
  • Optimized for low water and power consumption
  • Standard Astell safety features