Clatuu Alpha Non-Invasive Cryolipolysis Fat Reduction from Classys

The Clatuu Alpha is a medical aesthetic device that provides non-surgical fat reduction treatment using upgraded 360˚ surround cooling technology.

The Clatuu Alpha has been upgraded with more efficient cooling technology, allowing an 18.1% increase in efficiency.  The Alpha is also equipped with an expandable range of smart applicators that can automatically compute recommended parameters for each treatment applicator.  The upgraded system also allows users to adjust cooling and suction levels to provide treatments customized to the needs of each patient.


  • Faster and More Convenient Treatments
  • Powerful cooling up to -9˚C and 50 Kpa suction
  • Dual hand pieces with upgraded 360˚ surround cooling
    • (possible to effectively treat multiple areas simultaneously)
  • Adjustable Temperature and Suction Control
    • (20% stronger suction capacity)
  • Customized Applicators to Treat Large and Small Areas
    • (Now Able to Treat the Chin & Neck Areas)
  • Triple layered Safety Gel Pad
  • Cost Effective with High ROI