CleanBench Aktiv Vibration Cancellation Table from TMC

Designed to isolate ultra-precision instruments from building floor vibration down to below 1 Hz, CleanBench Aktiv is ideal for optical microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, interferometers, and other surface metrology instruments.

It combines TMC's patented Everstill active vibration cancellation technology with our MaxDamp air isolators. While Everstill provides outstanding low frequency vibration cancellation starting at 0.5 to 0.7 Hz, MaxDamp provides aggressive higher frequency isolation. The result is a system that isolates better than even our industry standard CleanBench table across the entire frequency range of interest, 0-50 Hz.

In the especially critical 1-3 Hz frequency range, CleanBench Aktiv provides up to 32 dB more attenuation vertically and 23 dB more attenuation horizontally then the best air isolation tables (up to a factor of 40 improvement), unprecedented performance in such a compact table.