Fast, flexible and competent

The progressive semi-automated cobas u 411 urine analyzer is designed for optimized work- and data flow, supported by an optional barcode reader and a sediment terminal. Fast processing of test strips accelerates the analysis while high > quality chemistries provide reliable and safe results. The cobas u 411 analyzer is the proper work area solution to manage your daily urinalysis workload in an intuitive and efficient way. cobas u 411 analyzer - the right choice for the urinalysis work area management in medium volume testing sites.


  • Fast and efficient workflow due to intuitive user guidance, optional barcode reader and flexible software
  • Consolidated urine work area by connecting cobas u 411 with its sediment terminal
  • Clear data management by consolidating test strip and microscopic results at cobas u 411 analyzer
  • Flexibility of continuous test strip loading


  • Selective analyzing by determination of multiple user defined microscopic parameters for flagging abnormal results and further microscopic follow up testing
  • Calibration interval of 4 weeks reduces hands-on time and costs
  • Optional barcode reader simplifies manual steps
  • Automatic strip detection by two sensors reduces hands-on time and ensures reliable test strip recognition
  • USB port and memory stick allow convenient archiving of data and easy updating of instrument software
  • Approx. 600 test strips/h


  • Electronic documentation by uploading consolidated result to host
  • Host interface supports transfer of lot numbers, expiry dates and control results to the host/EDP
  • Bi-directional interface supports two protocol options (ASTM + and Urisys 2400® ASTM)


  • Allows entry of tracking information, including user-identification, and lot numbers for test strips, calibration strips and control materials
  • Flexible sample ID entry via barcode reader, download from host or manual input meet your work area organization
  • Two user-definable result flags permit easy identification of abnormal and microscopically relevant samples
  • Customized result reporting with operator ID, selectable print order and conforming concentration units support your regulatory requirements
  • Sensitivity ranges are adjustable according to your laboratory demands
  • Intuitive user interface provides simple operation and clear data input
  • Hygienic disposal of used test strips

High quality

  • Accurate and precise results
  • High quality > urine test strips as results of years of targeted research and development
  • Ascorbic acid does not interfere with test strip (up to 750 mg/L), ensuring reliable results and no false-negatives in Glucose and Blood
  • Compensation of strong intrinsic urine coloration reduces risk of false positive results