Colibri Microvolume Spectrometer from Titertek-Berthold

Colibri is a microvolume spectrometer for measuring smallest volumes of DNA, RNA, Proteins and more. It comes out of the box and is ready for measurement. The on board software offers 9 ready to use protocols and is operated by colour touchscreen. Improved features are now available with the new 1.5 software version.


  • Fast operation in less than 5 seconds: pipet a drop of sample, measure and wipe off
  • Stand-alone (no PC required)
  • Patented optical design
  • Languages: English and 10 more
  • Print and data export options


  • Determination of nucleic acid concentration and purity of nucleic acid samples without dilution
  • Fluorescent dye labeling density of nucleic acid microarray samples
  • Purified protein analysis (A280)
  • Expanded spectrum measurement and quantitation of fluorescent dye labeled proteins, conjugates, and metalloproteins
  • Bradford, BCA, Lowry Assay for protein quantification
  • Cell density
  • General UV-Vis spectrophotometry