The VirtaMed GynoS™ is the most sophisticated and comprehensive OB/GYN training solution available on the market.

Intensify Clinical Training

  • Thanks to immersive photorealistic graphics and world-class haptic feedback, users can learn all the fundamental OB/GYN skills and can easily transfer them to clinical settings.
  • Speed up the educational journey. Users can gain from expert-developed courses or can generate their own curriculum using an exclusive range of cases.
  • A 24/7 access to training materials and online leader boards keep trainees motivated and engaged.

Support Better Patient Care

  • Trainees can be prepared for real-life scenarios with exposure to an array  of cases and rare pathologies
  • Trainees can be guided to identify learning goals and reach pre-defined standards through performance-based assessments
  • A risk-free training environment can be provided that enables a repeated practice of targeted skills

Portable Platform

Train at various locations. The new, portable platform can be effortlessly packed and unpacked while providing the advantages of a life-size pelvic model for greater immersion.

Mini Platform

Users can take their simulator along with them when traveling between hospital campuses. The compact platform can be easily packed into carry-on luggage.

Modular Platform

  • Users can utilize their dedicated training space to share costs and standardize teaching across departments
  • Can be used with other VirtaMed specialties, urology, and orthopedics, rendering it an all-in-one training tool

The VirtaMed Gynecology Platform

  • GynoS™ Hysteroscopy
  • GynoS™ IUD Placement
  • ASRM Embryo Transfer
  • GynoS™ Transvaginal Obstetric Ultrasound
  • GynoS™ Transabdominal Obstetric Ultrasound
  • VirtaMed ArthroS™
  • VirtaMed UroS™


Many studies have validated the VirtaMed GynoS™ simulators, making them the most accurate, realistic, and useful tool available on the market for obstetrics and gynecology skills training. Incorporating simulation within the educational pathway shortens the learning curve and also boosts the confidence of practitioners in their acquired skills.

The VirtaMed GynoS™ has been shown to enhance hysteroscopic skills in both experts and novices. As much as 97.2% of clinicians believe that the VirtaMed GynoS™ IUD Placement is a better training tool for inserting IUDs when compared to manufacturer models. Moreover, 93.5% of gynecological surgeons would suggest the VirtaMed GynoS™ Hysteroscopy to their friends.