Pipette+ offered by Andrew Alliance is a smart laboratory instrument that exploits connected electronic pipettes. These pipettes can perform laboratory protocols specifically designed in OneLab and can reduce the bench workload by as much as 90%. Controlled by cloud software, the smart electronic pipettes provide ease of use, have better ergonomics, and deliver superior performance, thus reducing execution errors and offering complete experimental traceability.

Far More than Just an Electronic Pipette

Pipette+ includes a complete computer within a charging stand that, in turn, is linked with OneLab. It also contains smart electronic pipettes that are linked to the charging stand through Bluetooth.

Pipette+ processes the OneLab instructions at each protocol step while executing the experiment, setting the needed parameters on the pipettes to be utilized. The instrument also eliminates the need for controlling the pipettes’ settings (a task that is specifically complicated with gloves and inner hoods).

For instance, OneLab sets the mixing volumes, dispensing volumes, aspiration volumes, and tip ejection for users — as and when needed.

Smart Electronic pipettes — Connected

Sartorius, the pioneer of electronic pipettes, manufactures the Andrew Alliance Bluetooth pipettes.

Andrew Alliance and the market leader of electronic pipettes have worked together to enable smart communication with the Pipette+ stand through Bluetooth, and to allow the smart stand to interact with the external world — OneLab.

When users deposit the pipettes on their slots, both multichannel and single pipettes are automatically detected by the stand. These pipettes are subsequently charged, paired, monitored, and registered transparently without users even being aware of it. The outcome is seamless and flawless traceability, without any extra work.

Less Experiment Time, Fewer Errors, More Science

Software assistance via a highly intuitive browser-based software environment ensures reproducibility and complete traceability of biological experiments. The OneLab Laboratory Software allows researchers to graphically explain their protocols first, and they are subsequently guided in a step-wise manner at the time of the experiment execution. This prevents miscalculations, erroneous volume setting, or oversight of mixing and tip ejection steps.

More Reasons to Get Pipette+


On average, a biologist spends over two hours each day pipetting. The new Pipette+ helps users to considerably reduce the time spent in manipulating repetitive pipettes, where operator errors are usually inevitable.

In concentration normalization, for instance, the time spent in performing an experiment can be considerably reduced by 90%.

Seamless Traceability

In a majority of the experimental situations, traceability is as significant as acquiring an accurate result. With Pipette+, all the pipette data is stored permanently within the OneLab without any intervention from users, and all pipetting steps that have been performed — including potential errors — are also recorded.


Pipetting parameters, like repetitive mode, reverse mode, and volumes, are set up automatically. This decreases pipetting errors and guarantees precise execution of the protocol.

In addition, Pipette+ reduces unwanted repetition of experiments and cuts down the costly waste of valuable reagents and samples.