Cornerstone 130 1/8 m Monochromator from Newport

The Cornerstone™ 130 family of Oriel Monochromators supports two gratings simultaneously, which can be easily interchanged, has an integrated shutter, and is available with RS 232 and IEEE-488 interfaces or with USB 2.0. Its simplicity, high performance, and economical price make it an ideal instrument for research or OEM applications.


  • USB 2.0 models; RS-232 and IEEE-488 also available
  • Excellent stray light control
  • Motorized wavelength drive
  • Operates two gratings simultaneously, individually replaceable
  • Electronic shutter

Optical Configuration

The optical design of these instruments is based on an out of plane version of the Ebert-Fastie monochromator. This is a 180°, in-line configuration, which simplifies system alignment. Additionally, this compact design has a very small footprint so it requires little tabletop space. For the Cornerstone 130, we computer optimized this optical configuration to ensure the highest resolution, greatest throughput, and the lowest stray light. Although the system is a fast F/3.7, the optimized design provides excellent stray light rejection while minimizing aberrations.