Cornerstone 260 1/4 m Monochromator from Newport

The Oriel Cornerstone 260 1/4 m Monochromators are economical, fully automated, multi-grating instruments with dual output ports and exceptional optical performance. We offer a dual grating and a triple grating model; both were designed for fast, automated, continuous scanning over a broad spectral range. Simply program your filter, grating, and port changeover points, and walk away while Cornerstone 260 automatically scans from the UV through the far IR. Other standard features include a built-in electronic shutter, filter wheel control, and a family of interchangeable gratings and slits.


  • New, USB2.0 models
  • Operate two or three gratings simultaneously, individually replaceable
  • Dual output ports
  • Superior resolution and very low stray light

Why The Cornerstone 260?

Superior performance and ease of use at an economical price make the Cornerstone 260 Monochromator one of the best choices for UV-IR spectroscopy and radiometry. The dual grating instruments offer improved resolution, over the triple grating instruments. The grating mounts are interchangeable, so if you currently have a triple grating Cornerstone, you can easily convert it to a dual grating instrument for improved resolution in your spectral range of interest.