In a fast-paced environment where quick decision-making can save lives, the right level of competencies is essential. With little time and many devices to handle, training is a part of everyday life for most healthcare professionals.

But if training is not sufficiently planned, targeted, managed and reinforced, your staff’s knowledge could dissipate and their valuable time could be wasted.

The Radiometer Learning Program helps you efficiently establish and manage the right competencies according to the responsibilities of your staff.

The program also focuses on regulatory compliance, helping you ensure the required competencies are well anchored, well documented and easily accessible upon request.

5-component, high-impact learning

  1. Planning enables the creation of individual training plans according to the trainee’s role and desired competency level.
  2. Pre-learning prepares the trainee for hands-on training through high-quality e-learning that delivers a solid, basic understanding of the material. This allows trainees to reflect on their knowledge and prepare to ask qualified questions in the later hands-on session and ensures an effective use of both the trainee’s and the trainer’s time.
  3. Hands-on training gives the trainee the opportunity to carry out the relevant tasks and processes under direct guidance of the trainer.
  4. Certification provides competency testing and documentation for regulatory purposes.
  5. Recertification ensures reinforcement of knowledge and continued compliance.