Cylindrical Autoclave for Laboratories Without Drains or Water Supplies

The Touchclave-R cylindrical range is best suited for various general laboratory sterilization applications and has been designed by keeping reliability and flexibility in mind. It is perfect for installation in laboratories where there is no access to water supply or drains.

The Touchclave-R is provided with features that are usually absent in this type of sterilizers, thus offering unmatched versatility and performance.

  • Capacities: 120 and 160 L
  • Section: Cylindrical
  • Loading: Front and top
  • Heating source: In-chamber elements; options available for direct steam supply or inbuilt steam generator

Standard Features

  • Inbuilt air ballast system enables safer and faster processing of liquid loads
  • 316 L stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Powerful fan cooling
  • Simple “push-n-seal” door with pneumatic seal and locking
  • Load-sensed process timer
  • 8-Program touchscreen control system

Popular Options

  • Printer
  • Condensate unit
  • Category 3 effluent retention
  • Boosted heating
  • Pre/post vacuum
  • Keeps media warm