Cypher is the first commercial AFM to take advantage of the high bandwidth and low noise performance of smaller cantilevers, and is the only commercial AFM to routinely resolve atomic point defects and the DNA helix. Now, Asylum Research introduces the Cypher ES, which adds full environmental control to the Cypher platform - the highest resolution fast scanning AFM

Cypher ES – Sample in Any Environment

Gas/Liquid Perfusion in a Sealed Cell
• Multiple ports for flow-through of gas and/or liquid
• Perfusion may be performed in a droplet to minimize sample volume (<100µL) and cell cleaning
• Simple gravity driven perfusion – no pumps are required

Integrated Temperature Control
• Modular sample stages enable precise temperature control in several temperature ranges
• No external control boxes, additional electronics, or cooling pumps are required

Broad Chemical Compatibility
• To ensure chemical compatibility even in the harshest 
environments, cells are constructed with inert materials:
 - Fused silica
 - Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)