The Cytation family of multi-mode readers offer modularity to meet every laboratory's present workflow needs, and are upgradable for future requirements. Cytation readers feature the patented Hybrid Technology™ which incorporates variable bandwidth monochromator optics and high-sensitivity filter-based detection optics for unmatched versatility and performance. Variable bandwidth monochromators allow selection of excitation and emission wavelengths in 1 nm increments for top and bottom fluorescence measurements, UV-Vis absorbance and luminescence. The filter module is independent, with its own light source and high performance dichroic-based wavelength selection for advanced detection modes like fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence and filtered luminescence (e.g. BRET), along with available laser-based excitation for Alpha detection. Cell-based assays are optimized with Cytation's incubation up to 65 °C, orbital and linear shaking, plus available CO2/O2 control and dual reagent injectors. Data collection and analysis are managed with Gen5™ software, specifically designed for uncomplicated processing of even the most complex assays.


  • Patented Hybrid Technology™ combines flexible monochromator detection with high performance dichroic-based filter detection
  • Laser-based excitation available for AlphaScreen® AlphaLISA® assays
  • Available variable bandwidth fluorescence monochromators offer 9 nm to 50 nm in 1 nm increments
  • Optional CO2/O2 control, incubation up to 45 °C or 65 °C and shaking to optimize cell-based assays
  • Low volume (2 μL) nucleic acid and protein quantification with the available Take3™ Plates
  • Gen5™ Data Analysis Software reader control, advanced data analysis and flexible output in one easy-to-use software package
  • Modular, upgradable hardware design allows the choice of filter- and monochromator-based multi-mode optics, optional gas control and reagent injectors
  • Available fluorescence microscopy module