Only DNR's innovative D-Transilluminators feature built-in interchangeable drawers makes loading, removing, and cutting different types of gel samples easier than ever before. Choosing a white light drawer for colorimetric applications or a UV drawer for fluorescent applications can be completed without any interruption to the workflow, while maintaining clean work environment.

DNR's adjustable UV safety cover fully protects researchers from harmful UV radiation. For maximum safety, the UV illumination activates only when the drawer is safely closed, and automatically shuts off when the drawer is opened.

The D-Transilluminators meet international specifications and can be used with any bottomless gel documentation system, transforming a standalone system into a fully integrated one.


  • High illumination uniformity
  • Built-in interchangeable drawers for each type of application
  • Easy to clean work surface designed for comfortable, safe use
  • Cost-effective, space-saving design
  • Long-life ultraviolet lamps for additional working hours
  • Transforms standalone system into an integrated system