The Leica DFC400 is a digital microscope camera with a c-mount interface and with a high sensitive 1.4 Megapixel CCD sensor. This camera captures easily and quickly high quality color images for detailed image analysis of research, life science, and industry applications.

The digital camera provides up to 20 frames per second (fps) in full frame mode or up to 40 fps in binning mode. Progressive scan of images provide full images without disturbing horizontal skipping artifacts. The DFC400 is the ideal tool to quickly capture multiple images for mosaics or Z-stacking.


1.4 Megapixel CCD Sensor

1.4 Megapixel CCD sensor – for quick, easy, high-resolution imaging.

Full Frame Mode

Full frame and binning mode – captures up to 20 fps in full frame mode and up to 40 fps in binning mode.

Mosaic or Z-stacking

Mosaic or Z-stacking – captures multiple high resolution large and small particle images quickly.