DFC450 Digital Color Microscope Camera from Leica

The Leica DFC450 is a digital microscope camera with c-mount interface containing a high quality 5 Megapixel CCD sensor. The camera captures sharp, brilliant images for documentation and analysis in life science, clinical and industry applications.

The fast live image preview in SXGA resolution (1280x960 pixels) provides up to 18 frames per second (fps) and allows the sample to be adjusted and focused directly on the computer screen, also with new patented image modes for even sharper images.

Easy store and recall feature allows the user to retrieve the same camera settings for further analysis or comparison.


5 Megapixel CCD Bayer Array RGB

Conveniently captures high-resolution images for life science, research and industry applications

Single FireWire-B connection for data and power

Camera kit comes with high quality firewire B-B cable and low profile firewire B PCI-express card – for ease of use and simple installation

Progressive scan preview

Provides up to 18 frames per second in high SXGA resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels – for easy focusing and setup of specimen

Store and recall

Settings retrieved easily for future analysis or detailed comparison (with LAS software)