DFC495 Digital Color Microscope Camera from Leica

The Leica DFC495 digital camera with 8 Megapixel CCD quickly captures high-resolution images microscopy in life science, clinical and industry applications.

The intuitive progressive scan preview in SXGA resolution provides up to 18 frames per second (fps) and allows the sample to be adjusted and focussed directly on the computer screen.

The Peltier cooling reduces noise for imaging in low light conditions. Easy storage and recall allows the user to retrieve the same settings for further analysis or comparison.


8 Megapixel CCD Bayer Array RGB

Conveniently captures high-resolution images for life science, research and industry applications

Low Magnification Application

When finest sample details need to be stored for inspection or image analysis

Progressive SXGA Live Image Preview

Provides up to 15 frames per second for comfortable setup and focussing of sample

Store and Recall

Camera settings retrieved easily for future anaylsis or detailed comparison