DM2500 M Polarizing Microscope from Leica

Designed for materials analysis and quality control. Its unique concept improves the workflow and allows the user to concentrate entirely on the work at hand.

It will show you how simple and reliable microscopy can be. Its combination of intuitive operation and the highest quality optics provides rapid, accurate results. A wide selection of objectives is available. Leica Microsystems’ N PLAN (achromatic) and Plan Fluotar (semi-apochromatic) objectives, for example, deliver pin-sharp image quality with all contrast methods.

The Leica DM2500 M’s wide image fields reduce the time needed to scan samples and analyze the structures of interest. Images are always high-contrast and full of detail.


Always integrated support: Color-coded Diaphragm Assistant

The Color-coded Diaphragm Assistant (CDA) makes it easy to determine the proper diaphragm settings in accordance with the objective in use.

Flexibility is the Key

Choose between two incident light axes or 3 different objective revolvers or an optional transmitted light axis: the DM2500 M is best suited for Brightfield, Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast, qualitative polarization, and fluorescence applications used for industrial quality control and metallographic examinations.

Lasts for a lifetime: the ultra hard ceramic stage surfaces

The stage with ultra hard ceramic surfaces easily accommodates sample sizes up to 100mm x 100mm wide and up to 80mm in height.

Safety first

The built-in focus stop protects both your specimens and the front lens of the objective. For specimens of equivalent height, the focusing plane is easy and fast to relocate. The user can concentrate entirely on the application.