Compatible with a variety of user-friendly software packages and camera systems, the Leica DM4000 B LED  is the ideal microscope for life science research and clinical applications. Its intelligent automation supports a coded 6x or 7x nosepiece as well as the fully automated transmitted light and fluorescence axes. Parameters are displayed and stored to provide reproducible results.

The Contrast Manager supports transmitted light (brightfield, darkfield, phase and polarization) and fluorescence contrast methods. It allows users to switch from one contrast method to another with a single click of a button - adjusting all relevant settings automatically saving precious time.


Superior image quality with LED illumination

The ultra-bright LED illumination is perfectly integrated in the microscope automation and suitable for all transmitted light contrasting methods. The LED provides a constant color temperature at all intensity levels. With at least 50.000 hours lifetime the LED illumination is costeffective, as frequent bulb exchanges are no longer necessary.

Clearly arranged status display

The large and well positioned display of the Leica DM4000 B LED shows all microscope settings at a glance – a convenience unmatched in this microscope class.

Automated transmitted light axis

Thanks to the fully automated transmitted light axis for brightfield, darkfield, phase and polarization contrast, the microscope detects the selected objective and contrast method, and automatically sets the optimal values. Automatic Koehler light management ensures the best image quality and reproducible results.

Automated fluorescence axis

The fully automated fluorescence axis with apochromatically-corrected optical path ensures high contrast and brilliant images at a touch of a button. Motorized 5-position filter cube turret, motorized field diaphragm and fast motorized shutter. Leica’s unique Zero Pixel Shift filter cube technology for perfect image alignment of multiple fluorescence proteins