The Leica DMI4000 B automated inverted research microscope is ideal for scanning cell and tissue cultures. The system features a fluorescence axis for ultra brilliant fluorescence imaging.

The internal filter wheel with motorized excitation manager and FIM (Fluorescence Intensity Manager) enables excitation of fluorochromes in less than 20 milliseconds.

FIM regulates light intensity at five fixed levels and remembers the setting for each filter cube.


Optimal values

When changing magnification or contrast technique, the illumination manager automatically sets the brightness, aperture, and field diaphragm to their optimal values.

Ensure reliable results

Change contrast methods with just one button click, which provides ease of use and helps ensure reliable results.

One condenser provides all

One condenser conveniently provides all contrast techniques (brightfield, darkfield, phase, modulation, and differential interference).

Wide Range of Environmental Equipment

When observing living cells under a microscope, it’s essential to maintain optimal conditions for the organisms. Leica Microsystems offers its customers ideal accessories for any application, letting them control the environmental conditions of their cells throughout their experiments.