DMc150 Monochromator from Bentham

The compact double DMc150 monochromator has become an industry standard for applications in which excellent stray light performance in a physically compact monochromator is an important factor.

Comprising twin 150mm focal length Czerny Turner single monochromators operating in tandem with additive dispersion, the DMc150 offers exceptional optical performance within a small footprint.

Compatible with the full range of sources, detectors and entrance optics of the Bentham portfolio, the DMc150 is at the heart of many of our light measurement solutions including those for:-

  • Type-testing of tanning appliances
  • Accurate dosimetry of sources used in phototherapy (including PDT and PUVA)
  • Monitoring of solar UV irradiance
  • NVIS compatibility testing


The instrument can be supplied with three different types of slits:

Fixed slits: Slits are supplied on interchangeable carriers. Three pairs of slits are included in price of DMc150 with fixed slits. Additional pairs of slits can be ordered separately.

Variable slits: Continuously variable, bilateral straight slits variable between 10mm and 8mm by a direct reading micrometer screw gauge.

Motorised slits: As variable slit except that micrometer is motor driven. Can be controlled by PMC3B/IEEE or MSC1 units. Slit height is 20mm in all cases. A slit height adjuster is available for variable slits.

Swing Away Mirrors: Programmable Swing Away Mirrors (SAMs) can be fitted at the exit for use with a second detector or at the entrance if no 252 filter wheel is fitted.

Order Sorting: An optional filter wheel, Model 252 can be fitted inside the DMc150 accommodating up to 6 filters for automatic higher order removal from 200nm to beyond 20mm using filters from our OS range. It is also fitted with a shutter for automated dark current measurements.