DS-Qi1 Digital Microscope Camera from Nikon

DS-Qi1 is the definitive quantitative digital microscope camera for time-lapse fluorescence observation.

The DS-Qi1 is an ultra high-quality monochrome, cooled digital microscope camera geared for high-speed, high-sensitivity applications. By combining low noise electronics and a high-quantum efficiency detector, the DS-Qi1 can capture a wide dynamic range of intensities while maintaining quantitative linearity. Added features such as a fast analog-to-digital converter (ADC), very low read noise, and programmable gain control make the DS-Qi1 an ideal detector for fluorescence imaging applications.

Key Features:

Superior Linearity

Linearity, a quantitivity index, has been improved to >98%. This, together with reduced noise, assures comparable, quantitative image data collection over a wide exposure range.

Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA)

DS-Qi1 incorporates a programmable gain amplifier for low-light levels, or for shorter exposures. Users can easily choose the gain of the CCD output to reduce exposure time or to increase frame rates. The electronic design ensures linearity when using any gain setting.

Low Noise

The Peltier cooling mechanism cools the CCD down to 10º C below ambient temperature, reducing the average dark current to 0.7e/pixel/s. Also, the readout noise is reduced to 8e- rms with the newly developed CCD drive circuit. Thus, clear, high-contrast fluorescence images can be captured at a dynamic range of over 2000:1.

High Sensitivity

The high-sensitivity CCD, which has outstanding quantum efficiency (>65% at 500nm), combined with low read noise, allows the capture of even low light fluorescence signals. Intensity and time of fluorescence excitation can therefore be minimized to reduce photobleaching.

High Speed Interface

The USB2.0 interface for connecting camera control unit DS-U2 to a PC allows high-speed data transfer. It also enables stress-free PC operation.