DS-Ri1 Digital Microscope Camera from Nikon

Designed for advanced high-resolution color documentation applications, the DS-Ri1 high-resolution microscope camera represents the latest evolution in the DXM1200 camera series. With advancements in connectivity, color rendition and performance, the DS-Ri1 brings the total to fourteen combinations now offered by Nikon’s Digital Sight series. New algorithms make the DS-Ri1 ideal for low magnifications and enlargements in brightfield imaging. Fast focusing, a large native pixel size and supported cooling combine for clear fluorescent imaging and documentation. No matter the application needs, the DS-Ri1 is the absolute choice for ultra high-quality imaging.

Key Features

Digital Camera Combinations

Compatible with the DS-U2 and DS-L2 camera controller series, the DS-Ri1 high-resolution camera brings the total number of Digital Sight (DS) camera head options to 7, providing 14 different digital camera system combinations.

Better Fluorescence Images

The DS-Ri1 uses the Peltier cooling system to maintain the CCD at 10°C below ambient temperature, effectively minimizing thermal noise contributions.

True Color for Samples

Nikon’s newly developed color matching logic achieves unprecedented color reproducibility. You can develop hue and saturation conversion matrices optimized for the characteristic colors of your microscope samples, and faithfully record the color of dyed samples. The ability to capture the colors observed with the microscope enables high precision color analysis in all fields of medicine and industry.

NIS-Elements Imaging Software

The DS-Ri1 can be controlled by Nikon's powerful NIS-Elements imaging software platform. NIS-Elements successfully integrates microscope image capture, document data management and analysis. Comprehensive control of microscope, camera and peripheral devices makes it possible to configure a multidimensional time-lapse imaging system easily and efficiently.