The optek DT9011 is a precision, laboratory-quality turbidimeter. The DT9011 features an advanced, triple-beam, optical design, measuring forward scatter (11°), side scatter (90°), and direct (0°) light.

The DT9011 turbidimeter effectively measures a broad range of constituents that contribute to turbidity and fine haze in consumer products like beer and other beverages.

The sample is submerged in a water bath and sampled 250 times during one rotation, followed by advanced data analysis. This eliminates the effects of bottle color and shape, as well as scratches, seams and other imperfections in the sample bottle. The circulating water bath and drift-free, factory zero point assures incredible sensitivity and precision.

The powerful, easy-to-use DT9011 software allows you to store product parameters, ranges and measuring ranges, bottle types and more, for up to 32 different products.

The integral Datalogger records all measurements and parameters. The Datalogger can store up to 25,000 data sets. The data tables can be displayed directly on the DT9011 turbidimeter or transferred to a PC using the optional PC-Transfer Kit.


  • Expanded measuring range (NEW)
  • 7 menu languages selectable: German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian (NEW)
  • Turbidimeter measures forward (11°) and side (90°) scatter turbidity
  • In-bottle turbidity measurement - No degassing or sample preparation required.
  • Drift-Free Factory Zero Point
  • Internal data logger
  • Circulating Water Bath
  • Programmable units of measure - FTU, NTU, EBC, or user-defined
  • RS232 data transfer