DYNEO DD Series—Powerful and Flexible Immersion and Refrigerated Circulators

The DYNEO DD series from Julabo contains a broad range of refrigerated circulators and immersion circulators for tough applications in present-day laboratories. These units are engineered to have high cooling and heating capacities while being safe and user friendly. Irrespective of their cooling and heating power, the new DYNEO units function without noise and save space in crowded labs.

DYNEO DD Series—Powerful and Flexible Immersion and Refrigerated Circulators

Image Credit: Julabo

Easy to Use

The DYNEO series is easy to use, with all safety and operating functions suitably positioned on the unit’s front area. A unique rotary knob offers users an innovative and highly efficient method to manage the instruments.

The knob is conveniently placed on the front side of the circulator head, offering direct access to the menu and the whole range of settings. This advanced yet direct operating concept renders it easier to quickly access the most frequently used functions.

A mains power switch on the upper side of the circulator simultaneously switches the circulator head and refrigeration machine on and off. The user can even shift easily between external and internal circulation directly from the central display.

DYNEO’s industrial display is strong and bright to enable reading from across the lab. It enables fast and easy draining of the temperature control liquid, with the help of an integrated drain tap that avoids the need for further tools.

Similar to all Julabo instruments, DYNEO does not comprise any side ventilation grids, so they can be situated directly next to a wall, the application, or other instruments, saving valuable space. Easy-to-use rollers or handles render it easy to move the units or arrange them elsewhere. A redesigned bath cover for CORIO and DYNEO is engineered to safeguard against inadvertent contact and prevent burns.

Powerful Cooling

DYNEO refrigerated circulators are sturdy units that are ideal for application in basic research, materials testing, or in technical systems. They cover a temperature range of −50 °C to 200 °C with a heating capacity of 2 kW. Pump capacity is 27 l/minute with a pressure of 7 bar. The cooling machines work precisely and dependably even at higher ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C.

The refrigerated circulators have a shaped cooling coil that expands the bath volume for internal applications. DYNEO units even function to preserve energy, with many modes for the refrigeration machine, such as permanent-on, automatic-on, or off. Excellent insulation stops needless energy loss and further increases energy efficiency.


DYNEO immersion circulators are provided with a stable and robust bath clamp and can be kept on any container of up to 50 L volume, providing them excellent flexibility. They are employed for internal temperature applications and work in temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 200 °C. An easy-to-install pump kit is provided among JULABO’s accessories range for external temperature control.

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