Ziath DP5: 2D Rack Decoding Software

Ziath’s DP5 is a new version of the company’s market-leading Datapaq 2D rack decoding software. The DP5 software uses the most advanced data communication technologies and can be run from an Android phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, or any other device linked to the network.

The DP5 Standard software has the same speed, consistency, and robustness as previous versions of Datapaq, but now users can work freely from their laboratory bench.

Web-based, high-speed communications protocols enable the DP5 software to run any one scanner in users’ laboratories. Alternatively, multiple scanners can be linked across a local area network. In the latest DP5 Network application, scanners can be directly controlled from laptops, smartphones, or tablets that are connected via Wi-Fi.

Ziath’s new DP5 Secure application package includes multi-level user authority management and data encryption. In addition to a full audit trail, DP5 Secure includes the innovative ScanStore feature where each scan is stored with both tabular and image data for later audit or review.

Three different versions of the DP5 software are offered according to users’ requirements, DP5 Standard, Network and Secure.

DP5 Standard makes everyday scanning operation simpler, thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface that can be readily used in just minutes, directly out of the box.

  • Auto-scaling enables DP5 Standard to function with the advanced 4K displays
  • Runs like any other desktop application from a connected laptop or PC
  • Runs the entire Ziath Datapaq camera-based scanners: Cube, Express, and Mirage
  • Remote control function enables direct integration with compound stores, well-known liquid handling robots, and other external compatible devices
  • Data can be directly exported to text, XML, PDF, Excel, JSON, or CSV (text)
  • Automatic rack template creation and rack type detection as standard
  • Export and scanner settings can be assigned separately for every type of rack in use