Deliver Rapid Barcode Imaging with the DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader

The DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader available from Ziath is a 2D datamatrix tube CMOS-camera reader that provides outstanding clear images from most widely-available SBS tube racks in just one second. The instrument is suitable for robotic integration as it is only slightly larger than the SBS rack itself.

The DataPaq™ Express is designed to work  with all 2D barcoded tube racks in SBS format, and is the smallest rack scanner currently available in the market. Fast imaging and decoding can be achieved through its multiple-CMOS-camera-based instrument optics.

Key Features

  • Easy to install, works straight from the box with NO CUSTOMER SET-UP or CALIBRATION needed.
  • Scans all types of 2D barcoded tubes in SBS racks
  • Exports data to JSON, XML¸ Text, Excel, and Database
  • An indispensable tool for sample tracking
  • Adaptable with Windows 7, 8, XP, and 10

Easy to use, striaght from the box with no need to calibrate!

The advanced DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader can be used straight from the box - all set-up  and calibration is done in the factory and NO RE-CALIBRATION IS NEEDED. The instrument is delivered rack read ready and is set to image all types of SBS format 2D barcoded tubes and racks. Ziath’s patented DataPaq™ Express is a CMOS-camera-based instrument and is considerably faster in comparison to flatbed scanner-based 2D barcode readers—it takes only a second to read each rack.

Moreover, with the Ziath DataPaq™ software, users can easily export data to text, JSON, XML, or Excel and also save the scanned images. The DataPaq™ software can connect with Postgres, MySQL¸ SQL Server, Oracle, and other analogous databases.

DataPaq™ Software

Ziath has designed and written the DataPaq™ software in-house. The company uses its own algorithm specifically created for “tube sized” codes-for decoding 2D barcodes. The DataPaq™ software is not a global and generic “off-the-shelf” algorithm designed simply to read a barcode in a supermarket. The sophisticated DataPaq software shows the scan results and can detect the variation between a missing tube (grey), a damaged tube (red), and properly scanned tube (green). Moreover, users can click on any tube image and each scan will be displayed (on the right-hand side) with the barcode and tube location.

DataPaq software is ten years in development and is not only an amazing barcode reading tool but also intuitively easy to use

DataPaq software is ten years in development and is not only an amazing barcode reading tool but also intuitively easy to use

Cryoprotection™ Option

One common problem is that condensation often forms on the instrument window, while the tubes are being scanned directly from cryogenic storage. Ziath’s Cryoprotection™ is a unique coating that prevents this condensation problem and guarantees continuous scanning. This specically-developed method of preventing condensation does not involve the use of any additional electrical components, eliminating the risk of unintentional sample thawing, leading to increased reliability, and also ensuring that this will be a cost-effective option for most users.


Ziath's Cryoprotection™ reduces condensation caused by cold racks. It uses no heat, no fans and does not affect the temperature of the rack being scanned.

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