Delphi's Integrated Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

Delphi is the world's first fully integrated solution that enables fast correlative microscopy with unique overlay precision.

The system is extremely easy to use for both light- and electron-microscopy users. Even more importantly, Delphi opens the door to these techniques for all laboratories through a cost-efficient package that does not require experienced microscopy skills to image and interpret data.

In life science imaging, fluorescence microscopy provides precise localization for specific events, while electron microscopy is able to provide detailed structural information with nanoscale resolution and very good depth-of-focus.
Combined, the two techniques quickly provide a more complete picture for the user with a technique known as Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy or CLEM. With the Delphi, CLEM is made accessible for virtually any laboratory thanks to its ease-of-use and affordability.


  • Offers simultaneous measurements without any need to move the sample
  • Built as a table-top system, limiting the demand for extra space and facilities and offering extreme ease-of-use
  • Automatically overlays the fluorescence and electron images using a proprietary algorithm resulting in negligible overlay errors