The North Sciences Minicore Ultra-Low Freezer is the smallest ULT, designed to fit wherever science requires it.

The new upright Minicore Ultra Low-Temperature Freezer

  • Highly reliable, industry above standard +/-2.5°C consistency guarantees that the samples are stored properly within the appropriate temperature range to preserve sample integrity
  • Perfect for COVID-19 vaccines, critical material storage in biorepositories, medical research facilities, hospitals, BSL4 labs, or any place dealing with valuable samples that need to be stored safely
  • Capacity - Tabletop or on the floor; large capacity sample storage that can be placed anywhere in the lab
  • User-friendly - USB port allows data download and access port
  • Low energy system that uses under 3 A with a low 6 KWH/day
  • Ergonomically engineered door handle for easy access
  • Green technology - Single compressor using CFC-free natural mix refrigerants without any impact on the environment.

Discover the smallest ULT freezer

Image Credit: inTEST Thermal Solutions