Double Additive or Subtractive Monochromator MSA-130 from Solar

MSA-130 is a high-aperture double monochromator with the focal length of 130 mm, which operates in the modes of both addition and subtraction of dispersions. The monochromator operation modes are changed by switching of a selector knob from the position “Addition” to “Subtraction” and vice versa.


  • Double monochromator for Excellent Stray Light Rejection 
  • Substraction & Addition Modes 
  • Compact & Economical 
  • High Throughput 
  • Built-in High-Speed USB Interface

In the Dispersion Addition Mode the instrument is the analog of a standard monochromator with the doubled resulting focal length of 260 nm and extremely low stray light.

In the Dispersion Subtraction Mode MSA-130 ensures zero dispersion for the spectral range, whose width is determined by the intermediate slit, and the central wavelength is set by synchronous turning of two identical diffraction gratings. The instrument serves as a filter tunable in the range 190-1300nm with the pass band changed from 0,2nm to 80 nm, and low stray light level.


  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Emission and fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Transmission/Absorption/Reflectance Measurements