Double Dispersive Automated Monochromator M833 from Solar

M833 Standard version is a unique high-aperture double dispersive monochromator or spectrograph whose compact design combines high spectral resolution intrinsic for long-focus devices and extremely low stray light peculiar to double schemes.

The М833i version (Imaging) ensures absolute astigmatism compensation and extraordinary resolution along the exit slit while maintaining ideal line quality. IMAGING version is arranged by an automated folding mirror switching radiation between two output ports. This allows obtaining Imaging effect at the lateral output port, keeping the standard configuration of the axial output port.

The unique combination of custom settings obtained in one compact and reliable unit will provide you with new experimental opportunities and let you use the potential of the system you already have to much fuller extent.


  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Emission and fluorescent spectroscopy
  • Analytical tasks in the range from UV to IR
  • Multi-channel & imaging spectroscopy