The DreamPrep NAP workstation from Tecan features Zymo Research and can make users’ nucleic acid extraction workflows simple—at present and also in the future. It provides an improved sample workflow for the ZymoBIOMICS™ 96 MagBead DNA Kit that has been designed and confirmed in close cooperation with Zymo Research.

DreamPrep™ NAP Workstation from Tecan

Image Credit: Tecan

Simplify workflows

DreamPrep NAP integrates the Fluent® Automation Workstation and Fluent GX Assurance Software and is a completely customizable solution offering walkaway processing of magnetic bead-based protocols to satisfy the present and future requirements of users.

This user-friendly and preconfigured system helps users to rise to speed quicker, thereby enabling users to focus on their experiments rather than their automation. Standardized workflows help users to achieve persistent results and reduce the threat of errors, while decreasing training needs and operator-to-operator variability.

Microbiome-grade DNA from any sample

ZymoBIOMICS DNA kits provide effective and unbiased lysis of Gram-positive and negative bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoans, thereby producing nucleic acid samples all set for immediate metagenome or microbiome analysis.

The easy workflow has been completely automated and improved to guarantee inhibitor-free DNA—even for very low abundance organisms—from water, soil, feces, biofilms, biofluids, etc.

*Users should make a copy of this method to customize it to accommodate and validate their workflow based on their preferred intended use and laboratory protocols. Tecan makes no claims in relation to the performance of the example method.

Complete peace of mind

The ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standard is a set of 10 distinct microbial species developed particularly to evaluate the bias and sensitivity of workflows in metagenomics and microbiomics studies.

It offers a direct technique to validate workflows, right from purification to NGS results. This microbial standard was utilized to verify the automated workflow, so that users can be in peace completely.

DreamPrep™ NAP Workstation from Tecan

Image Credit: Tecan

Is users’ extraction procedure lysing all microroganisms equally well?

Is users’ microbiome research based on an unbiased lysis? The video below explains how DreamPrep NAP is helping users to maximize nucleic acid extractions with the help of the ZymoBiomics kit.

Increased productivity with intuitive software

Fluent Gx assurance software

FluentControl™ has been developed particularly to authorize researchers to construct, improve, and retain their own tests, without the requirement for computer programming expertise. Through isolation of the touchscreen-based daily workflow interactions from the configuration of new assays on a PC, Tecan has made perfect tools for both.

The Fluent Gx Assurance Software provides modern features to simplify regulatory activities, thereby assisting laboratories to ensure compliance with the least manual input.

DreamPrep™ NAP Workstation from Tecan

Image Credit: Tecan


Users can get a valuable understanding of their instrument usage and availability to mold future automation requirements, with real-time data on uptime, run success rates, and consumption of consumables.

Tecan Connect™

Users can take a break or plan their next experiment when their instrument is being tracked on their smartphone with the help of Tecan’s Connect mobile app. Connect is a cloud-based laboratory automation monitoring app that has been developed particularly to function with all Fluent and Freedom EVO® instruments.

DreamPrep™ NAP Workstation from Tecan

Image Credit: Tecan