Dual Channel Tens Machine from Kinetik Wellbeing

Key Features

Safe & effective, Drug free Pain Relief & Massage.
Rechargeable battery (via USB cable).
Eight stimulation settings to provide different massage effects.
Easy to use, lightweight and portable with an easy to read large LCD display.
Four pads, two channels with twenty intensities per channel to suit different parts of the body.
Variable time setting from 10-60 minutes per session.

Kinetik TENS Digital Pain Relievers are designed as a safe and easy way of relieving every day pain. Multiple stimulation and intensity settings allow you to customize managing your pain relief for different parts of your body and pain.

Kinetik TENS Digital Pain Relievers have an automatic therapy time setting to manage and structure your pain relief and a The MODE STOP button has an ‘urgent stop’ function, making it safe and convenient.

How it Works

The Kinetik Wellbeing Dual Channel TENS Digital Pain Reliever works by passing harmless electrical signals into the body from its pads. This relieves pain in two ways: Firstly, it blocks the body’s pain signals which are normally transmitted from the area of damage through the nerve fibers on the brain. TENS interrupts these pain signals. Secondly, TENS stimulates the body’s production of endorphins – its own natural painkillers. There are eight stimulation settings to provide different massage effects, and eight output intensities to suit different parts of the body and pain. Digital touch control buttons and a large LCD display make the unit user friendly. There is an auto polarity switch to maximize the effects. The ON / OFF button is also used to set stimulation intensity.

It’s Kinetik Wellbeing’s mission for every home to own health monitors to enable people to keep a regular check on their wellbeing. Around the world millions of people suffer from pain brought on by the stresses and strains of modern life. Digital Pain Relief is a recognized alternative to medication. The Kinetik Medical Dual Channel TENS Digital Pain Reliever is designed as a safe and easy way of relieving everyday pain.

**Please note this TENS machine is not suitable for women who are pregnant or use in Labour**

3 Step Setup

  1. Charge device via USB
  2. Insert desired amount of channels to machine, connect pads to device and apply to skin
  3. Turn on device, select mode, intensity and start treatment

Pack Contains

  • Kinetik TD2 TENS Pain Reliever
  • USB charger lead
  • 2 sets of channel leads
  • 4 adhesive gel pads
  • Quick start guide (coming 2017)
  • Instruction manual

Clinically Validated - Class IIa Medical Device

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A Healthy Partnership

St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity has joined forces with Kinetik Wellbeing on a range of healthcare products designed to monitor, manage, and support people’s health. Products include blood pressure monitors, Health kits, digital thermometers, pain and allergy relief.