Dual Perfusion Chamber Kit for Electrophysiology

The Dual Perfusion Chamber Kit available from Femtonics Ltd includes a slice chamber designed to maintain isolated, healthy living tissues while performing experiments.

When compared to single perfusion, dual superfusion of immersed slices enhances cell vitality. This is because oxygen, and other materials, can diffuse effectively and freely into the thick slices, from both sides, at a high flow rate.

The Femtonics Dual Perfusion Chamber Kit includes the following components:

  • Specialized dual perfusion polycarbonate chamber
  • Dual-channel in-line solution heater
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Slice holder
  • Temperature controller
  • Bubble trap


  • Smooth and continuous flow of fluid
  • Perfusion from both sides of the tissue
  • Stable and adjustable temperature
  • Slices with a thickness of up to 800 µm can be used
  • Debubbling and degassing of fluid


  • Vitality and oxygenation of cells is improved
  • Physiological network oscillations are preserved while performing neurophysiological studies
  • Thick and acute slice preparations can be maintained