Duracleanse:  Temperature Check and Sanitizing Station

​The Duracleanse Temperature Check and Sanitizing Station from Duraline BioSystems is a contactless and contamination-free device. It enables multitasking and helps to sanitize hands simultaneously while checking the temperature.  Ideal for medical and dental offices, schools, government buildings, corporate offices, airports and more.


  • Allows receptionist to remain at desk while patients walk in and have their temperature read.
  • Protects patients privacy by only announcing "normal temperature," "high temperature" and "low temperature"  (actual temperature is visible on LCD screen).
  • Infrared thermometer reads up to 5 inches away
  • Fast readout on thermometer and high quality sensor in sanitizer dispenser speeds up the rate at which people can pass through the station

The Temperature Check and Sanitizing Station is a fast, customizable and dependable piece of equipment. It facilitates easy accessibility and no-contact usage, thereby reducing the risk of contracting or spreading germs and bacteria. The equipment includes:

  • Powder-coated steel pole with 14 lb. steel base, adjusts up to 79"
  • Automatic infrared 4 digit forehead thermometer with optional alert feature, accurately reads temperatures in 0.5 seconds.
  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with advanced sensor and multiple pump options (foam, gel, liquid)
  • 1 gallon of hand sanitizer gel, foam or liquid
  • Drip trays available upon request

Technical specifications

  • Hand sanitizer dispenser measuring 10″ in height and 4″ in width
  • Stable steel and white powder-coated stand
    • Height up to 48″
    • Base weight of 14 lbs.
    • Adjusts up to 79"
  • A touchless forehead thermometer with 4 digit display measuring 6.75″ high and 4.5″ wide, uses batteries or DC power, 0.5 second response time
Temperature Check and Sanitizing Station - See it in action!