Using the most advanced proven technology in evaporation science, the third generation of the EZ-2 Series has been designed specifically for solvent removal in life science research; be that concentration of samples or complete drying.

The innovative design of the EZ-2 Series presents many advantages for working in parallel within synthesis chemistry, analytical sample preparation and for general-purpose solvent removal needs in life science laboratories. At the heart of the evaporator is a solvent resistant, oil-free vacuum pump, and the high efficiency, defrost-free, SpeedTrap™, which traps all solvents as liquids, even water.

Genevac EZ-2 Plus Evaporator
Genevac EZ-2 Plus Evaporator. Image credit: SP Scientific

Solvents collect in the insulated, plastic coated glass vessel, enabling the user to see the progress of evaporation and determine when the trap should be emptied. The EZ-2 Elite has a special auto-draining collection vessel fitted to the SpeedTrap, which uses the very powerful Scroll pump.

Genevac - EZ-2.3 range

The Elite can therefore evaporate the highest boiling solvents such as DMSO and perform the Genevac LyoSpeed fast lyophilisation method for HPLC fractions. There is a low-cost option available on the Standard, Plus and Elite that allows the routine use of hydrochloric acid and aggressive solvents.

By building key elements in Hastelloy®, glass or PTFE, full protection against acid chlorides is achieved. New to the HCl Resistance option is the ability to evaporate concentrated nitric acid. This option must be specified when ordering, as it cannot be retrofitted.

Genevac - EZ2 Elite

All EZ-2 models are resistant to routine use of high concentrations of TFA as standard. An additional option is available to allow safe operation for those wishing to use highly explosive solvents, such as pentane or diethyl ether - the inert gas purge system. This system can also be used to preserve oxygen or moisture sensitive samples under an inert gas blanket until the user returns to the evaporator.

The EZ-2 Series can also accommodate a wide selection of sample holders, including round-bottom flasks up to 500ml, tubes up to 160mm long (including Dionex ASE® and Radleys Carousel tubes), custom reaction blocks, and shallow or deep-well microtitre plates. EZ-2 Series

Models: The Standard (EZ-2) is suitable for water and volatile solvents The Envi (EZ-2 Envi) is recommended for concentration of volatile solvents The Plus (EZ-2 Plus) is recommended for solvents with boiling points upto 165°C The Elite (EZ-2 Elite) is recommended for solvents with boiling points upto 220°C.

Applications: Medicinal Chemistry and Parallel Synthesis, LC/MS or HPLC Purification, Fast Lyophilisation of purification fractions, Natural Products Research, Oligosynthesi,s Flash Chromatography, Process Development, Petrochemical Research, materials research, Analytical Chemistry.