The Fluorometric Cardiolipin Assay Kits are the easiest kits in the market to measure cardiolipin in samples.

Cardiolipin (CL) is a very important phospholipid that can be found in the inner mitochondrial membrane and makes up about 20% of its total lipid composition. It has a dimeric structure consisting of two phosphatidic acid residues connected by a glycerol bridge. It is vital for numerous mitochondrial functions such as continuing activity of the electron transport chain complexes, and other mitochondrial processes including biogenesis, fusion, fission, and protein transport.

It is a part of apoptosis where it helps to modify the mitochondrial membrane structure and assists in the discharge of cytochrome c. Conditions such as heart failure and diabetes are associated with variations in levels of cardiolipin and it is also depleted as people age. Exposure to toxicants like organophosphates and cigarette smoke may cause a change in cardiolipin composition and levels, thus badly affecting health.

The Cardiolipin Assay from BioVision is a fluorometric assay that utilizes a proprietary probe that fluoresces on exposure to cardiolipin but not with any other lipids such as sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine, making it extremely specific. It is possible to record fluorescence at Ex/Em 340/480 nm. The kit comprises of purified cardiolipin as standard and can detect as low as 0.2 nmol of cardiolipin.

Product Details

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Cat # +Size K944-100
Size 100 assays
Fluorescence (Ex/Em 340/480 nm)
Applications This assay provides a convenient and non-ELISA alternative to detect cardiolipin amount in biological samples.
Features & Benefits Simple, fast, does not require lengthy incubation times
Kit Components
  • CL Assay Buffer
  • Probe
  • Cardiolipin (5 mM)
Storage Conditions -20 °C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
Usage For research use only! Not for use in humans