EasyPlus™ Sample Preparation from Mettler Toledo

Automate Your Sample Preparation with Easy Dose

Sample preparation is an important part of an analytical workflow. However, it usually consists of tedious and time-consuming manual operations and has a high risk of error or variability. EasyPlus dosing instruments are designed to perform precise and accurate, fully automated, liquid handling tasks.

Versatile Dosing Applications

Today's laboratories perform a broad variety of dispensing applications. Set your required volume, dispensing speed and time to tailor dispensing activities to meet your requirements.

Accurate Dispensing

Dispensing appears to be easy – at first glance. Accurate and reproducible liquid handling and sample preparation is time-consuming and requires well-trained laboratory personnel. The instrument accurately and reproducibly dispenses volumes down to 10 µL.

Safe Results Transcription

Minimize transcription errors by connecting the instrument to an MS, ML or ME balance from METTLER TOLEDO and take advantage of automatic weight transfers.

EasyPlus - Connect Balance

Learn how to connect a balance to your EasyPlus Titrator.

Clear Touch Screen Guidance

Designed for simplicity, the Easy Dose starts your routine task with a tap on the home screen. The user interface speaks your language – and 14 more. Learning and using an analytical instrument has never been easier.