Effortless Ion Channel Screening Coupled with High Flexibility—SyncroPatch 384i

Nanion Technologies has launched the SyncroPatch 384i that facilitates effortless ion-channel screening along with high reliability and flexibility. This is feasible thanks to the combination of Nanion Technologies’ patch clamp module and Beckman Coulter’s latest i-Series liquid handling robot Biomek i5.

The latest SyncroPatch 384i has been developed based on the successful technology of the SyncroPatch 384PE, which has been universally established as the desired automated patch-clamp workhorse in fields like CRO, Biotech, Pharma, and academia.

With the new SyncroPatch 384i, Nanion Technologies has now further enhanced ease-of-use, flexibility, and reliability. The instrument will be rolled out from July 1st, 2020.

The SyncroPatch 384i (scalable to 768i) is a high-throughput patch clamp instrument that records from up to 384 (or 768) cells at the same time. The SyncroPatch 384/768i comes with giga-seal data quality and is the highest throughput patch-clamp instrument available on the market.

The SyncroPatch 384/768i now includes the following benefits:

  • Easy to set up, edit, and analyze
  • Robust analysis software (z-prime and heat maps)
  • Progress bar with milestones
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Enhanced assay development—partial plate measurements
  • 360° multi-color status light bars indicate the system status
  • Linear motion control
  • Bigger deck space
  • Autonomous movement of the pipetting head and gripper
  • Fast pipette dispense speed (60 µL/second)
  • LED-illuminated deck
  • Selective tip pipetting

As established with the SyncroPatch 384PE instrument, the SyncroPatch 384i also provides:

  • Perforated and whole-cell patch-clamp
  • Voltage and current clamp
  • Temperature control
  • Internal and external exchange
  • More than 85% success rates routinely obtained
  • Borosilicate recording substrates
  • Giga-seal recordings
  • Improved handling of sticky compounds
  • On-deck preparation of compound plates
  • R-series compensation
  • Single-hole and multi-hole chips, manufactured in-house
  • Stem cells and cell lines
  • Voltage and ligand-gated ion channels (voltage clamp is constantly maintained)
  • Minimal volumes of compounds
  • Continuous waste removal allows unlimited applications of compounds
  • Robust analysis software (IC50 calculation and flexible batch analysis)
  • Part of the CiPA validation study

The SyncroPatch 384/768i—the first high-quality, automated patch-clamp system—is capable of bridging the gap between secondary and primary ion channel drug screening.

The Patch Engine has been developed to allow smooth integration into process-automated drug screening settings. This module is fitted with a sophisticated 384 channel liquid handling robot called the Biomek i5 and 384 patch-clamp amplifiers.

Both software and hardware have been completely tested and verified with top industrial drug development companies to offer improved performance in true HTS for ion-channel screening.

Around two PE-modules can be incorporated into a single liquid handling robot with 768 individual amplifiers, making it possible to measure 768 recording wells at the same time. It is easy to upgrade from 384 to 768 recording sites and this can be done at a later stage.

With around 20,000 data points per module per day, the SyncroPatch 384i is the most efficient platform available on the market for high-quality ion-channel recordings. This excellent efficiency is mainly the result of fully parallel measurements from 384 cells, an exceptionally efficient control and analysis software, and the 384-channel pipettor.