The EnVe® ventilator is a small mobile ventilator that provides intensive care for patients from the ICU and ER to long-term acute care—with high-end performance. Only 9.9 lbs and modular, the ventilator detaches and moves with patients through care areas, reducing circuit disconnection needs while maintaining critical ventilation.

Product Highlights

Integrated tools

The EnVe ventilator offers spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) decision making. Studies show that patients who tolerate an SBT for 30 to 120 minutes successfully discontinue ventilation at least 77% of the time.

Innovative product design

The EnVe ventilator delivers high-performance invasive and noninvasive critical care ventilation with mobility.

Invasive mode and application

The patented ActiveCore™ system maintains high pressures at high flows and facilitates safe weaning decision making for your most critical patients.

Noninvasive mode or noninvasive use

The patented gas delivery technology builds flow comfortably and detects leaks.