Enhanced Mattress Replacement for Pressure Relief

Select Medical offers Simpulse 8, a dynamic mattress replacement that provides optimum pressure relieving therapy.

Simpulse 8 is a flagship item of the company’s enhanced product range. The pressure relief mattress offers uninterrupted, long-lasting care to patients who have existing tissue damage or an increased risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Semi-Auto Pressure Adjustment

The mattress pressure is monitored and maintained at the set level by the control unit. Whenever the pressure drops below this set level, the control unit automatically accelerates the inflation of the mattress until the right pressure is attained.

Hard Wearing and Reliable

Durable nylon/PU air cell construction provides a hard-wearing yet comfortable surface for patients.

Safety Features

Static Base Cell: A 4″ static base cell provides comfortable support even when there is a power failure.

Static Function with Auto Return: Static function facilitates safer patient transfers, and auto-return makes sure that the surface is not left in the firm mode accidentally.

Audible Low Pressure Alert: Whenever the pressure becomes very low, a red indicator flashes and an audible signal is triggered.

Xtreme Fabric Cover

The Xtreme fabric cover has anti-decubitus and infection control properties. In addition, Xtreme Fabric Coatings are anti-microbial and provide extended life when compared to conventional formulations. The coatings also exhibit better resilience to prolonged or frequent exposure to 10,000 ppm of active chlorine.

The Xtreme fabric cover makes sure that the Simpulse 8 mattress meets the most rigorous infection prevention policies.

Features of Simpulse 8

  • Static function with auto return
  • One in two cell-cycle design provides optimum therapy
  • Depth of 8″, including 4" static base cell
  • Optional 10/15-minutes cycle time
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Audible low pressure alert
  • Machine-washable cover up to 95°C
  • CPR pull cords for quick deflation
  • Multi-stretch vapor-permeable and waterproof cover
  • External control unit filters can be easily replaced
  • Durable nylon/PU air cell construction
  • Two-year warranty (subject to yearly service)