Ensuring Statistical Quality Control in the Laboratory with the Correct Balance

The R2 range of balance from RADWAG is a reliable instrument that fulfills the needs of any type of laboratory. It is equipped with an LCD display that includes a new text information line, an automatic adjustment system, and a 14-button keypad.

Statistics function is one of several applications to which users can obtain access through the user menu. This function is supported by information stored within databases like Products Database, Users Database, and Packagings Database (tares).

Statistics report includes three defined areas—header, footer, and measurement area—for printing statistical results.


  • Weighing
  • Checkweighing
  • Animal weighing
  • Percent setup
  • Parts counting
  • Dosing
  • Liquids density
  • Solids density
  • Peak hold
  • Totalizing

Report Example

Image Credit: Radwag Balances & Scales

Quick Access to Information

Two buttons provided on the balance enable the Database and Functions to be easily accessed. In addition, it is provided with four programmable function keys (F1–F4) that can perform various operations for each mode:

  • Header printout
  • Tare editing
  • Footer printout
  • Product selection
Quality Control in Laboratory

Image Credit: Radwag Balances & Scales

Ergonomics and Area of Use

The R2 range includes different types of balances with weighing accuracy in the range of 0.01 mg to 0.1 g. All types of balances in this range have identical capabilities with respect to statistical analysis.

Quality Control in Laboratory

Image Credit: Radwag Balances & Scales