The demands of academic research laboratories for a budget-friendly monochromator-based microplate reader and the ability to measure very low volume samples are answered by BioTek's Epoch Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer System. Combining the Epoch™ Microplate Spectrophotometer and the Take3™ Micro-Volume Plate, the result is a system that’s designed to allow the scientist to run a variety of assays, in a variety of sample vessels and volume ranges.

One System. More Choices. More Assays.

  • Quantify up to sixteen 2 μL volumes of DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Obtain quick 260/280 ratios in 2 μL samples or in a microplate
  • Select individual wavelengths from 200 – 999 nm without purchasing filters
  • Perform rapid qualitative or quantitative analysis in microplates from 6- to 384-wells
  • Save space on the benchtop with its very small footprint
  • Monitor cell growth using the Epoch’s well scanning capability
  • Run spectral scans of 2 μL samples, or samples contained in a microplate, standard cuvette or the patented BioCell quartz Cuvette
  • Measure kinetic rates of reaction
  • Validate the miniaturization of your assay…from a full cuvette to a microplate to a microvolume…on one system
  • Run multiplex assays quickly and easily
  • All of these challenges and more are addressed with the Epoch Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer a price that doesn’t challenge the budget. The system includes the Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer with Gen5 Software and the Take3 Micro-Volume Plate.