FDSS7000EX Functional Drug Screening System from Hamamatsu Photonics

The FDSS7000EX is our high-end model capable of handling 1536-well assays and measuring both fluorescence and luminescence, and is equipped with a variety of functions such as multiple washing. Many kinds of suspended/adherent cells' real-time kinetic reactions can be measured and analyzed. Various optional parts such as FRET, robot connections, etc. are available. In addition, the FDSS7000EX is expandable for future upgrades.


  • Dispenser
    Can be equipped with various dispenser heads
    • 96-, 384-, or 1536-tip dispenser heads are selectable. The tips are exchangeable.
    • 384- and 1536-pintool heads are also supported.
    • The main unit is equipped with an automatic tip loading feature.
    • As standard, three types of compounds can be dispensed. If you use the back plate loading line, up to four types of compounds can be dispensed.
    • The dispenser heads can be easily changed by the user.
  • Washing unit
    Equipped with a variety of washing features
    • Up to three solvents are supported, which enables washing with no carry over.
    • Tips can be washed during measurement.
    • An ultrasound washing feature is also available.
    • Equipped with a wiping stage to dry tip ends.
  • Plate stacker unit
    Plate stacker feature for 20 or 50 plates
    • Using the plate stacker makes it possible to perform automatic measurements even without the use of a robot.
    • You can select 20 plates or 50 plates.
    • Stacker cassette method makes it easy to set plates.
    • Can be equipped with a barcode reader.
  • Plate shaking features
    Plate shaking provides stable response detection.
    • Measurements can be performed while applying fine vibrations to the whole plate.
    • Cells and reagents can be mixed effectively and quickly.
    • This is also effective for assays that use suspended cells.
  • Fluorescence/luminescence sensor, Fluorescence optics
    Supports fluorescence assays and luminescence assays with a single sensor
    Can also be combined with a highly sensitive luminescence sensor
    • This sensor has a fluorescence detection sensitivity that far exceeds that of conventional fluorescence sensors.
    • Because the excitation light can be lowered, the cost of purchasing excitation light sources can be reduced.
    • In addition to high sensitivity, the FDSS7000EX also has a high dynamic range.
    • The fluorescence changer makes FRET measurements possible.
  • Luminescence sensor


  • Intracellular calcium ion
  • Membrane potential
  • Ion channel
  • Aequorin
  • Luciferase
  • FRET
  • Suspended cell