Surface sterilization with portable Bunsen burners is a common procedure in many laboratories to prevent bacterial, fungal or viral contamination. It is especially convenient for sterilising contamination-prone ports or contacts, drying wet surfaces of bioreactors or fermenters, or for heating up objects.

The FLAMEBOY is a portable, hand-held and battery-free Bunsen burner that provides piezo-electric ignition at the push of a button. Equipped with a gas cartridge adapter, the FLAMEBOY is portable and independent of any gas distribution system and at hand wherever needed. The size and the temperature of the flame can easily be adjusted by an air and a gas regulator.

Alternatively, the FLAMEBOY may also be connected to a gas distribution system or gas cylinder and used as a fixed installation in the laboratory.

Piezoelectric Ignition

Immediate ignition independent of any power source or battery.

Ergonomic Design

The handy pistol grip of FLAMEBOY provides convenient holding and use Various gas adapters for gas connections and -cartridges.

Compatible with different gas types. If equipped with gas cartridge adapter, FLAMEBOY is independent of any gas distribution system and at hand whenever needed.