FLEX M-2000: Direct Diode Laser Solution

Monocrom has introduced the FLEX M-2000 Series—an innovative concept of low-cost, direct diode laser solution in the 2-µm wavelength range for endourology procedures, laser lithotripsy and soft tissue surgery.

The wavelength in the latest M-2000 direct diode laser can be custom-made to effectively correlate with the absorption peak of the tissue of interest. In this manner, a high ablation rate is ensured, thus resulting in shorter procedures and improved treatment outcomes.

The new wavelength in Monocrom’s FLEX Series of direct diode lasers is 2000 nm, which in this case is well-suited for urology applications. This solution is available in the market to overcome the wavelength restrictions as a low-cost alternative to other commonly used lasers, like Thulium fiber lasers and solid-state Holmium:YAG lasers.

Although the wavelength emission of these lasers does not precisely match the water peak absorption of around 2 µm wavelength range, the FLEX M-2000 makes it possible to modify the wavelength by design to ideally match the water peak absorption, thus resulting in a more efficient ablation.

The FLEX M-2000 Series is electronically pulsed to a frequency that can surpass 1000 Hz—a value that is many times higher than the normal pulse rate of 20–80 Hz available in the market—and thus paves the way for many different treatment approaches.

The highest wall-plug efficiency achieved is around 5%, which is four times more than a Holmium:YAG laser (1% to 2%). This laser source can be successfully used in pulsed mode and continuous wave (CW) mode.

A wide range of optical fiber core diameters is provided to perfectly match the application requirements.

Source: Monocrom

Laser FLEX M-2000 FLEX M-2000 X (coming soon)
Wavelength [nm] 1900-2200 (adjustable by design) 1900-2200 (adjustable by design)
Spectral width [nm] <40 <40
Manufacturer Monocrom Monocrom
Dimensions [cm] 42 x 38 x 15 NA
Weight [kg] 25 NA
Cooling system External water External water
Peak power [W] 190 500
Average power [W] 105 280
Pulse rate [Hz] 1 - 1000 1 - 1000
Pulse energy [J] Adjustable Adjustable
Pulse width [ms] Adjustable Adjustable
Operation mode CW/modulated CW/modulated
Fiber core [µm] ≥200 ≥200


FLEX M-2000 technology

  • The M-2000 Series features a solder-free laser bar Clamping™ technology. This unique technology is insensitive to the CTE mismatch between the electrodes and the semiconductor and ensures a prolonged lifetime in hard-pulsed applications.
  • Integrated Rectified Polarization Beam Combining technique: The wavelength agnostic technology helps track the moving gain of semiconductor laser diodes, which can be induced by injection current and temperature decrease or increase in p-n junctions.

Indicated for:

  • Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Laser lithotripsy